People’s Rights. 40 years

by Oriol Andres Gallart. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

The Committee for the Defence of People’s Rights and the Free Legal Practice of Barcelona Bar Association celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2013. To commemorate the anniversary, the committee commissioned Contrast the production of a short documentary about the Commission, its history and future challenges. The documentary was produced by Contrast, Metromuster and 15Mbcn tv.

The objetives of the Committee are mainly as follows:

- To ensure that people’s rights are safeguarded, both individually and collectivelly, and that the existing state and international regulations that preserve and protect these rights are complied with, by using the mass media, promoting public campaigns and events, drawing up proposals and suggestions to modify the current legislation addressed at the authorities and the public opinion, and by taking all those relevant measures to preserve the efficacy of human rights.

- To ensure and safeguard the free legal practice in its dealings with public bodies and the justice administration.

- To encourage contacts with lawyer groups or associations other than those of Barcelona so as to coordinate in the international field the activities aiming at the defence and promotion of the said rights, paying especial attention to the right of defence.

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